Sculpting souvenirs and gift articles for mass-production

I made hundreds, if not a thousand products in the 11 years I was employed to make prototypes for souvenirs and gift articles for Candy Design. This is a small collection of some of the sculpture work I did that I think looks kind of cute. I did the design, sculpting, and painting prototypes for figurines within given guidelines for the mass-production of souvenirs and gift articles for the Norwegian tourist market. I also made stickers and T-shirt designs, product photographing, photo editing, and catalog layout.


I made sooo many trolls, and here are a few examples of some that I think are kind of cute and unusual.


A small selection of the massive amount of Viking related sculptures I made for this company.


I made a lot of animal sculptures too, here are a few.


A small selection of some of the other sculptures I made there.

Company:Candy Design ASYear:2003-2014Work:Sculpting and painting figurines and souvenirs for

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