Hakkebakkeskogen: Stop-motion animation bird puppets

I worked on several puppets for this stop-motion animated feature film.
Luckily I didn't have to do this on my own, we were a tree people team:
The Head of the puppet department Liliana Świrska made all the clothes, eyes.
Håvard Karlsen made the armatures and the parts for the head mechanics.

The Birds

This is a collection of images covering part of the process of making 3
similar silicone stop-motion puppets for these characters I was working on for this movie.
This includes: Sculpting all the parts of the puppet, making molds,
casting bodyparts, painting the puppet, armature design, head, and leg mechanics.

Links to all the puppets I worked on for this film: Birds, Dog, Owl, Moose, Crow

Company:Qvisten Animation asWork:Sculpting, mold making, casting, painting, armature design for stop-motion puppetsVisit:www.qvistenanimation.no

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