Hakkebakkeskogen: Stop-motion animation crow puppet

I worked on several puppets for this stop-motion animated feature film.
Luckily I didn't have to do this on my own, we were a tree people team:
The Head of the puppet department Liliana Świrska made all the clothes, eyes, and helped out on some of the molds.
Håvard Karlsen made the armatures and the parts for the head mechanics.

The Crow

This is a collection of images covering part of the process of making this silicone stop-motion crow puppet
I was working on for this movie. This includes: Sculpting all the parts of the puppet, making molds,
casting bodyparts, painting the puppet, armature design, head, and leg mechanics.

Links to all the puppets I worked on for this film: Birds, Dog, Owl, Moose, Crow

Company:Qvisten Animation asWork:Sculpting, mold making, casting, painting, and armature design for stop-motion puppetsVisit:www.qvistenanimation.no

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